The ultimate in eco trees, buy a potted tree for Christmas after the festivities you can replant it into a larger pot to bring in again the following Christmas or plant it in your garden.

Potted Christmas Trees

Approx 17 - 24 inches in height these are real trees potted in 7.5 litre pots, these trees have been grown by us, ideal for decorating and keeping inside, just water, after Christmas plant outside or keep growing in a larger pot €25 Each, They will be available from selected outlets in Co. Limerick

Also available 4 to 5 ft trees with roots or cut, choose your tree fresh from the field

                   potted christmas tree   Potted Christmas Trees

We grow all of our trees for potting ourselves.

The very best potted trees are grown in growing pots, ideally the best way is pot in pot which is when a tree planted in a pot is placed into another pot. This way, the root system is air pruned, and stays inside the pot. As the tree grows it is placed into bigger pots to ensure enough room for the root system to develop optimally.    

You can be sure that our potted Christmas trees have been grown by us from plug plants approx 5" tall, it can take up to 4 years to make a decent sized tree,

We grow Fraser Fir, Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir in pots, trees range from approximately 2' tall in 7.5 Litre pots 

The fake trees have been “eating the cake” of the Real Tree growers for a number of years.  Fake tabletop trees are available, but they don’t grow much when you plant them outside.  Perhaps the real tabletop tree could help slow the growth of purchasing of fake trees made in China from petroleum products.  

Real tabletop trees smell good, are very little fuss to bring into a home or office, can be planted out immediately after using it at Christmas or keeping it in the garage until spring, can be given as a “post Christmas’ gift to a relative or friend, does not destroy a natural resource, and make you feel good by supporting a local tree farmer instead of the Chinese and the foreign oil cartel.

We will be selling our potted trees from our own Christmas tree farm and from selected outlets in Co. Limerick.

Children like to be involved in the choosing and decorating of Christmas trees our pot grown trees are ideal for them to decorate for Christmas they then have a living tree they can plant out in the garden or continue to grow it on in a pot for the following year, our pot grown trees our grown by us from transplants, couple of options you can re-pot it every other year into a larger pot to bring back into the house at Christmas time or plant it out into the garden and watch it grow into a wonderful tree, be sure that you have enough space for it to grow , also remember to reintroduce it to the cold outside gradually after Christmas so it does not get a nasty shock.

The trees below we now have available 7.5 Litre pot Fraser Fir, Blue Spruce, Nordmann Fir and Noble Fir

Care Guide For Your Potted Tree 

Keep watered when inside the house

After Christmas acclimatise to outdoor gradually if frosty as the cold may kill any new shoots, if frosty place outside in teh daytime, bring inside at night into a frost free place, or keep in a frost free, light place until all danger of frost has gone.

After Christmas potted trees can be either planted into a larger pot for bringing in next Christmas, or planted out to grow into a mature tree.

Water throughout the summer and feed with plant food, 

It is advisable to trim off the end of the branches lightly in February/March, this will encourage new shoots and make a bushier tree for next Christmas

Note potted trees are sensitive especially the noble fir and survival from year to year is not guaranteed. You can contact us for advice  

Also available 4 to 5 ft trees with roots or cut, choose your tree fresh from the field
4 ft Nordmann Fir
Selected outlets where you can buy our potted trees from

Limerick Christmas Trees, Ardagh, Limerick Tel 086 3991036
Vokes Hardware, Main Street, Adare, Limerick
Dermot Mooney, Ganderpark, Termonfeckin, Drogheda, Co. Louth


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