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About Our Trees 

Large Cut Trees Sold Out For 2018

Potted trees and 4 to 5ft trees still available

 Why should you buy a Christmas tree from us, we grow all of our trees ourselves you can even come and see them growing in the field if you wish, unlike some other sellers that buy trees weeks in advance to sell on, chances are these trees will soon lose their needles due to being cut too early.

Why we don't class our trees as premium, first class etc, these terms are only used by growers to class their trees into different qualities, we feel that we don't need to do this as we only sell trees that we would buy ourselves as if we were a retail customer looking for a nice quality tree, grading trees as premium etc can also have the effect of putting the price up. We cultivate and care for our trees with great care and attention. You can be confident of excellent quality by purchasing from us.  

We as growers are dedicated to the production of quality real Christmas trees.  The climate in Ireland is suited to the production of Christmas trees and our trees are planted, pruned, sheared and nurtured to the highest standards at the correct times of year.

Please Note Pictures are for illustration purpose only  

We mainly grow 3 species of tree for cutting which are known for their needle retaining properties

Abies Nordmanniana - Nordman Fir non/low shed needle tree

Nordmann fir

Nordmann Firs make fabulous Christmas trees with luxuriant, rich green foliage and excellent needle retention properties.  Bears erect, cylindrical, green-brown cones when mature.  Can be container grown for several years and brought in for the festive season.  If planted out and left to grow, can reach 15-25m. Our saleable sizes for this type of tree are typically from 4ft - 5ft plus

Noble Fir - Abies procera non/low shed needle

Noble fir branches

Noble Fir is commonly called red fir or white fir. Noble Fir attains the largest dimensions of any of the true fir species. Noble Fir is considered an excellent Christmas tree because of its beauty, stiff branches and long life. This is one of the most popular non shed tree on the Irish market. Its known for its scent and colour and has good needle retention.

Our saleable sizes for this type of tree are typically from 4ft - 5ft plus.


christmas tree branches

           Nordmann Fir      Noble fir  

Fraser Fir (Abies Fraseri)

fraser fir

The Fraser fir branches turn slightly upward. They have good form and needle-retention. They are dark blue-green in color.



Christmas Tree Growers - Grow With Us For A Better Future, If you have the land you have the opportunity.

I started Christmas tree production to hopefully provide for us in the future, by planting a certain amount each year i hope to have an income that will provide a suitable income in retirement, it is also a venture that can be passed on to my children, grandchildren in the hope they will continue to plant the fields each year

We have been able to secure a contract with Ireland's main producer of Christmas tree transplants, to supply us with only quality transplants at very competitive prices which we purchase on our fellow growers behalf which in turn will save you money and time in trying to source plants.

Don't be fooled by other suppliers/websites claiming that Christmas tree production is easy and a get rich quick scheme, it is not, it can be a full time job at times, it took us approximately 4 years to gain the knowledge that we have on Christmas tree growing as any information i needed i had to find out by trials on my land and by research or by joining groups that you have to pay to join and when you are starting out that is one expense you don't really want, i am still learning now even though i have over 25 years experience in horticulture, i don't know it all but i am learning, but if you purchase transplants from us we will help you with FREE advice as much as we can, we also have a Dropbox folder with resources in it which is free to use. Plus you will also have FREE access to further information in our private section on the website which is just for growers that we supply plants too. Simply Contact Us to enquire about purchasing transplants and growing with us. 

We also have a group on FaceBook for Christmas tree growers to join

We can supply Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir transplants height approx 14-19cm in height.              

 These are plug cell 2 - 3 year old grown, the advantages of plug cell grown plants are,  

  1.  They can be planted out in the field all year round.    
  2.  Planting out in August means that the soil is still warm from the summer.    
  3.  This encourages some root growth before winter sets in.    
  4.  Due to the extra root growth they should grow away *quicker* come the  spring time, *subject to planting  conditions.

Noble Fir In Stock For Pre- Order reductions maybe possible on quantity and payment method, Plant height approx 6" - 10"   

Nordmann Fir In Stock For Pre- Order reductions maybe possible on quantity and payment method, Plant height approx 6" - 10" 

Further information on our Plug Cell Grown Plants

If you have the land you have the opportunity

Affordable non needle drop REAL Christmas Trees now dominate the Christmas Tree market in Europe and are the first choice for the vast majority of families at Christmas.

There are fewer than 100 growers in the country and they will be exporting about 300,000 trees, and supply 400,000-450,000 to the Irish market yearly and this number will grow each year.

One acre can grow up to 2700 non needle drop trees.

Quality transplants trees means low costs and high returns.

A typical homegrown 6ft Christmas tree costs between €40 and €60 depending on area sold in

The Transplants

The seed from which the seedlings are grown has been specially developed to produce a dense, lush Premium Quality Tree. The transplants are grown in root trainers which are ideal for autumn to spring planting

Noble Fir
Nordmann Fir