Potted Christmas Trees SOLD OUT                                                                                                                                                                                               €25, direct from us Potted Christmas trees, approx 17 - 24 inches in height these are real trees potted in 7.5 litre pots, these trees have been grown by us, ideal for decorating and keeping inside, graves sides, conservatories, hallways porches, just water, after Christmas plant outside or keep growing in a larger pot €25 Each, Contact us available for collection 

Also available 3  trees cut or with roots choose your tree from the field direct from the grower, you can be sure that our trees have not been cut weeks in advance

potted christmas tree eco treetree cycle potted christmas tree 

3 ft trees cut or with roots choose your tree from the field direct from the grower, These are the low needle drop Nordmann fir the favourite tree for Christmas
4ft Nordmann Fir


                         Selected outlets where you can buy our potted trees from

          Limerick Christmas Trees, Ardagh, Limerick                                                  Tel 086 3991036 

About Us

Welcome to Limerick Christmas Tree Centre, the purpose of this site is to give a description of our Christmas tree range that we have now and when the cut trees are ready, we are a family business located just outside Ardagh, Co. Limerick, we pride ourselves on the quality of our Christmas trees, we started Christmas tree production in 2009 on a small scale, but small scale turned into large scale, to date we have approximately 1500 trees currently in production, we aim to plant between 500 - 1000 transplants each year. With a long term plan to plant 5000+ a year, we will be selling our Christmas trees when they are ready ABOUT 2017 on a choose and cut system direct from the farm we believe that we are the only growers in Co. Limerick to operate on this system. 

What is a choose and cut system, you the customer visit our Christmas tree farm where you will be able to walk around the growing live trees we will have for sale, you choose one and cut it using one of our supplied saw, if you are unable to cut it yourself we will cut it for you, it is then netted to make it easier for you to take home, We believe that we are the first and only Christmas tree farm in County Limerick to operate this service.

Are you a grower of Christmas trees, or would like to plant a few on some spare land you may have we can supply Christmas Tree Transplants, subject to availability.

Later on we shall be supplying, Potted Growing Christmas Trees for small table top decoration pieces, Children like to be involved in the choosing and decorating of Christmas trees our pot grown trees are ideal for them to decorate for Christmas they then have a living tree they can plant out in the garden or continue to grow it on in a pot for the following year, our pot grown trees our grown by us from transplants,   

We will be selling our cut trees and accessories through our Limerick Christmas Tree Centre website and Christmas tree farm later on, where you can choose and cut your own real growing Christmas tree from our Christmas tree farm, most trees that are imported or even grown in Ireland are cut weeks before and then kept in cold storage until required, ours are not we cut our trees on a as needed basis only.

Our Christmas Trees 

Why we don't class our trees as premium, first class etc, these terms are used by growers to class their trees into different qualities, which inflates any end cost price to you the buyer, we know that we don't need to do this as we only sell trees that we would buy ourselves as if we were a retail customer looking for a nice quality tree, grading trees as premium etc can also have the effect of putting the price up. We cultivate and care for our trees just the same way as a large commercial grower would. You can be confident of excellent quality trees by purchasing from us and not pay the extra charge for classing it as premium etc.

Why should you buy a Christmas tree from us, We do not buy in trees to resell and claim they are our own grown ones, by buying from us you can be 100% confident that we have grown the tree in one of our fields, we grow all of our trees ourselves you can even come and see them growing in the field if you wish, unlike some other sellers that buy trees weeks in advance to sell on, chances are these trees will soon lose their needles due to being cut too early.



We started a career in horticulture and farming after leaving school in 1984. After college and working in plant nurseries, ground maintenance, we decided it was time to venture out for ourselves hence the Christmas tree farm.                        

We started trials of Christmas trees in 2009 to find the best one suited for our soils, the best way to plant and so on.

To date we have approximately 3000 field growing trees currently in production. 


 About Christmas Tree Growing

Ireland's climate is ideally suited to growing Christmas trees, soils at best need to be free draining and fertile which enables growers to produce some of the finest trees in Ireland. Christmas trees will not grow any soil it has to be just right to get the perfect tree.

Christmas tree growing is an all year-round operation, from the initial site preparation to the ongoing maintenance of the crop. The annual maintenance programme when trees are planted includes weed control, crop fertilisation, tree training and harvesting.   

We try not to use weedkillers, the only time that we will use them is to bring an overgrown field under control at least a year before planting, once trees are planted in the field we try not to use weedkiller in that field main reasons harmful to the countryside and they can kill the trees that we are growing if we are not careful. During the shearing process, the top of the tree, or leader is cut back. 

By slowing the upward growth process, the tree will branch out more quickly. As the tree begins to branch out, we trim the branches to shape the tree and this will help to give it a fuller appearance. 

We also follow sound soil conservation practices, protecting the soil from erosion and being careful not to deplete it of its nutrients. We do not spray our trees with a green colourant chemical like some growers as we believe that a tree will be a different shade of green from its neighbour instead of exactly all the same green shade in the field, a tree will be the shade of green it is meant to be.

It can take 7 to 10 years for a Christmas tree to grow to a minimum height of 6 foot.